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Control engineering

Széchenyi István University, Dr. László Keviczky, Dr. Ruth Bars, Dr. Jenő Hetthésy, Dr. András Barta, Dr. Csilla Bányász

This textbook deals with single variable (single input, single output), linear, constant parameter, so with the most simple systems. So the multivariable, nonlinear, varyingparameters, stochastic systems are not considered. (Similarly the theory of the modern adaptive, optimal and robust controllers is not discussed.) It has to be stated that the real world is more complex, i.e., multivariable, nonlinear, etc., thus the material of this textbook means only the first step to study the control methods of the real systems. It also has to be mentioned though that several practical tasks can be solved with quite good results by applying these simplified approaches.

Electric drives

Széchenyi István University, Dr. Zoltán Puklus, Dr. István Szénásy

Aspects of today's and future vehicle drives that are especially worth considering are those that concern the energy consumption; the decrease of which is in the public interest. Drive engineering solutions resulting in the lowest energy consumption today can be connected to hybrid vehicles and to state-of-the-art vehicle drives, with a permanent magnet (PM) synchronous machine built into them. With respect to this fact, a general analysis is provided on the drive techniques of the machines that have such drives in the group of the applied electrical machines and energy storage, as well as on computer aided energy management and vehicle control aspects and relations, which establishes a successful co-ordination of the said group.


, Dr. Tóth Péter, Dr. Bulla Miklós, Dr. Nagy Géza

Energetika modul


Széchenyi István Egyetem, Dr. Keviczky László, Dr. Bars Ruth, Dr. Hetthésy Jenő, Dr. Barta András, Dr. Bányász Csilla

Villamos hajtások

Széchenyi István Egyetem, Dr. Puklus Zoltán, Dr. Szénásy István

Válogatott fejezetek az anyagtudományból

Széchenyi István Egyetem, Dr. Réti Tamás, Dr. Zsoldos Ibolya


Széchenyi István Egyetem, Dr. Borbély Gábor

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