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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Bonding materials of construction industry, raw materials of artificial building stones.

Bonding materials of construction industry, raw materials of artificial building stones.


Calcite is the principal mineral of limestone. Limestone may arouse both in marine or lake environment, through accumulation of fragment of creatures’ vases or with chemical condensation. Limestone of marine origin may be padded, gentle, crystalled- limestones , which usually develop in platforms or larger coast distances. Easy limestones rich in ancestor remnants, have settled under shallow, warm maritime circumstances. Freshwater limestones are pitted, porous structured, the floral structure - above which the lime substratum was condensed - may be recognized in them. Limestone expenditure: Pure, stuffed limestones (lime-burning, architectural bonding material, clayey, marly limestones (cement manufacturing), neat limestones (food industry, sugar purification), limestones moreover are liquidizer substrata in sideurgy, animal feed admixture (Ca), loose, soft limestones ( paint industry); red limestones, freshwater limestone: decorating and enveloping stone. In the following, some major limestone mines will be highlighted among those mines where such limestones are mined which are capable for manufacturing architectural adhesives (burnt lime, cement) or which are suitable for other industrial utilization. Felnémet – Felsőtárkány (south-west segment of the Bükk mountain): Triassic-age, dense, crystalline, white limestone. It has great pureness, its CaCO3 content is 98 %. Beside its building industrial exertion it is also applied in paper manufacturing. Currently it is utilized for flue-gas desulphurization (power station of Visonta), where with chemical reaction it exfoliates to gypsum. Miskolc-Tapolca: dainty crystalline limestone, but its pureness degree is not as much big as the previous one’s pureness. It is used for cement manufacturing. The soft limestone of Zebegény is Miocene Sarmatia stone of shallow sediment. Its exerting is not construction industrial. By the reason of its chalk-like appearance, and its friable characteristic it is used to manufacture paint terra.


Pebble is a sediment, which consists of granules size ranges of 2-20 mm. Peddle has come into existence with the material crumbling of any kind of rock or through wreckage carriage. However if we examine the component of the pebble terraces of watercourse residue - we perceive that the material of pebbles predominantly are quartz or quartzite. The reason for this: - among stone-constitutive minerals quartz is the most resistant to physical and chemistry impacts, thus quartz is able to cope with longer carriage and carving than any other stone-constitutive. Pebble is chiefly used in construction industry. Subtle pebble of good quality is utilized for water filtration, chemical industrial filtration, and for landscaping. The geomorphologic status of Hungary favours for peddle accumulation, lakes derive from surrounding highlands have unloaded their sediments here. Hungarian peddle mining first of all are done from peddle compagination those were aggregated by Pleistocene lakes. The major territories of peddle mining are in the surrounding of the River Danube, Sajó, Rába , with the centres of Csepel-Délegyháza, Nyékládháza, Hegyeshalom.