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Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Wind power

Wind power

Hungarian wind power plants have produced averagely 61112 MWh power per month, taken together, total 733348 MWh clean currents have been generated. January was the most prolific month, with more than 100.000 MWh current. The most windy day of the year of 2012 was on 29, February, when Hungarian wind power plant parks have generated 6854 MWh current. It is rare day in Hungary, when power plants are not able to produce due to calm, or when turbines needed to stop owing to a very strong wind. (MSZIT, 2013)

In 2012, wind turbines have contributed to the satisfaction of the country’s consumption in 1, 73 percentages, herewith they averagely have produced the current claim of 339500 family on a monthly average. Hungarian wind parks in

in 2012 with the production of wind energy which is equivalent to the 77, 6 million m3 gasoline equivalence production of electricity, in average 662 000 tons of carbon-monoxide have been alternated.

In 2011 Hungary was in the fourth place among the newly joined European Union countries. In the twelve joined countries, 88 percentage of the capacities were given to Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and to the Czech Republic, it has become clear from date of the EWEA. In 2011 wind energy capacity exposed 329 megawatts, while in the front-running country of the region, in Poland, it was 1616 megawatts, in Romania 921, in Bulgaria 607 megawatts have been produced. It has turned out from the analysis of the EWEA examining the period between 2005-2011 that the increase of wind energy exploitation exfoliated unlike in each country. Capacity did not augmented at all at Malta, Slovenia, and Slovakia. (EWEA, 2013).

Hungary strongly lags behind the countries of the region with its restricting attitude to the huge business opportunities which inherent in the renewing energy sources. The fact, that - for today- among countries which lies west from the Ural mountain, merely Russia , Ukraine and Hungary do no enter to the International Renewing Energy Agency which nowadays consist of 160 members- is emblematic considering our affiliations regarding regulations.

According to the information of the a wind power application will be announced by the government expectedly this year’s summer. Investment conditions expectedly will be similar to the tender which was announced in 2009, but has become disannulment. This means that new wind power stations will be granted for subsidization in the current transmitting support ( since January, 2013 its amount is: 33, 76 HUF / KWh), since in the meantime it is unlikely to introduce the earlier planned renewing supporting system, the METÁR . Besides this the announced quantity prospectively will be the same than what was announced in 2009. (MTI, 2013). (MÁTÉ 2013)