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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

The issue and characterization of social resources

The issue and characterization of social resources

Our social environment, our life- and work circumstances, our scale of income and our education are stipulated by those communities that involve ourselves, too.

„Social environment is the popularity belongs to the given parcel of a geographical scope and the density of its communities, its quantitative and qualitative characteristics, cultural values those were evolved in the course of communal cohabitation, piled up knowledge, its social – political image involving populace that is living in a given geographical region, its social conditions as well as its institutional system.” (G FEKETE, 1998)

Social capital is a resource which could be found in relationship among men, which depends on the quantity, quality and structure of that relation. Energy that exists in human relationship may foster individual prosperity, but at the same time it also may promote collective action and hereby help to sustain a healthy and thriving society.

Social –environmental elements – that may be utilized in economy- are rated to social resources, therefore thoughtful men who are behooving reasonable work, and at the same time they conceive their claims towards economy, as manpower and consumers. Additionally, cultural values those have been evolved and preserved in the course of community developing, together with those values which are utilized in labour organising and product development are also reckoned among social resources. Knowledge that enlarges technical standard and promotes evolving and spreading innovations, the value-, distribution-, and regulation system of defining social cohabitation and labour division and instincts economic development, at the same time the institutional system that supports economic activity and at the same time evidences as a consumer are also ranked along social resources.