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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Consumptive market

Consumptive market

From marketing aspect market is the feasible compagination of salespeople and consumers together with the business relationships between them. Market is the arrangement place of goods exchange. Consumers appear with their demands which is not else than the effective consumer demand.

The supply of sellers what is the epigraphy of the products at disposal, directly offered for sale. In rurality characteristic micro regions, however regional markets and markettown have preserved their original figure, only the commodity provenance has changed significantly. Nowadays towns located in the centre of the region - expect for primary producer ‘goods supply - purchase their consumer goods from across country borders, which may seem ingenuous in the age of globalism, however, in turn it fundamentally contributes to the reduction of the significance of the regional market. On the other hand online commerce even more occupy the possibility from regional-originated production, for as much as local partnership allows that and as long as it is not able to cope with the novel market situation. The consumptive market, as the power of the economic resource, only presence on the basis of the turnover of locally produced goods, otherwise we could only talk about secondary economic stimulus effect. Inasmuch as the determinative part of the consumer goods suitable for local requirements may be produce competitively in the region (price/value share, before the omnipontency of the price ), and it is able to pass these consumer goods to consumers through correspondent commercial channels, the local market plays it part as an economic resource.