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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Factors affecting the economic structure

Factors affecting the economic structure

Production capacity: maximal quantity produced of a given product which can be increased by the development of technical and economic conditions.

Consumer market: The definition of potential market has an outstanding role in successful functioning of a company and in terms of economic development of a settlement. Market segmentation is an important part of the sales increase. The market can be divided into several independent parts which include customers who have similar needs.

Raw materials: The raw materials and mineral resources are not only important natural factors but also refers to the structure of the economy and level of development. Those countries that have a given raw material has advantage, because they do not have to import the resource, so they can save costs. Today the raw material extraction remains near the quarry, but a considerable part of the production of raw materials-fleeing from the expensive labour and from the high environmental standards-can be relocated to the developing countries by the companies. The mining of raw materials and the domestic use of it have plenty of untapped potential in our country as well. In a single rural area you should seriously think about boosting the mining and processing of raw materials. Our country have very significant quarry of coal, limestone and dolomite, precious ore whose potential appreciation currently done by concession by the Hungarian Government. The local significance of sand, clay, natural dye, peat is important for us, it can be the basis to start new micro and small businesses.

In the perspective of tourism development it is not negligible the importance of local natural resources. In the pictures you can see a former tunnel of the Dédestapolcsány natural dye mine. The formation of Tapolcsány has alternating settling which have high iron content, which is mined in the Middle Ages. The touristic attractions of Lake Lázbérc can be complemented by a representing like mine and iron smelter. The Bükk-Mountains would be a great base of local economic development based on mining. Bélapátfalva’s abandoned dolomite and limestone mines have extraordinary potential. ( Figure 3-4.)