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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Some thoughts on regional planning

Some thoughts on regional planning

The validation tool of regional development policy is an important element of regional planning. The availability of well-developed regional plans (concepts, programs, planning documents) are conditions for established implementation of development activities in the area, effective use of development resources. A well-prepared plan allows avoiding both optimized integration of needs and funds and the build of unnecessary capacity. The local political interest is a narrow cross-section which is sufficiently soluble in a variety of social organizations and local representatives of science. Even the spatial development of a series of interventions, which is spatial processes of spontaneous seeking to settle territorial development, each mechanism aiming to reduce the regional and social disparities. These regional differences are come from social and economic development. However the new area and regional development gives as much more that it focus on the prosperity of developed areas, we can not overstate the closing up of the weaker, at the expense of the strong. In the 2014-2020's period of Community support the Member States who reach the average development are getting higher co-financing rate than in the past.

The terms of development potential: natural and human resources, infrastructure, etc. at each and every point in space have different characteristics. The regional development interventions should therefore only be successful if exactly known for territorial development processes, and the starting point. The necessary intervention takes place in appropriate organizational and institutional framework, which is a reasonable and prescient planning process. (CABBAGE-Toth 2011).

Regional plan: the attainment of the objectives, process management tool. The plan is a model of action for different purposes, therefore it can be applicable to various levels of regional development and its components.

Regional plan: the regional development concept, the regional development program, as well as the land use plan are collectively referred (218/2009 (X. 6.) Decree).

Regional planning : It is the tool of influencing the regional development at different regional levels, which is aware and multi-stage, well-structured planning process which is embodied in the development of effective and well targeted welfare, in order to increase social satisfaction. (CABBAGE-Toth 2011)