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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

The county and micro-regional planning relations with local resources

The county and micro-regional planning relations with local resources

The county and micro-regional level regional development concepts and key regional and county land-use plan a common finding - an evaluation study of the content requirements set out in detail in the respective areas of natural, social and economic environment is differentiated according to local resources, which are essential conditions for the complex situation analysis creation

In the first step, the concepts are approaching the analysis of the endowments of the region, internal resources, natural conditions and resources, and environmental conditions. The natural conditions (climate, geology, soil science, hydrology, topography, flora and fauna) was determined by examining the land area of the size and amount of changes, and other features of the landscape. In addition, surface and ground water resources, energy analysis of the situation also a pillar of the exploration of natural resources.

The documents emphasize the role of built environment and cultural heritage (monuments, archaeological sites) and potential of local development as a resource, to classify them.

Researches built on economic base reveal the major economic sectors and their development trends (agriculture, forestry, recreation, tourism, aquaculture, industry, services, etc.). Internal and external economic relations, the status of the production infrastructure. Crucial the knowledge of installation, evaluation of installer factors, and the regional innovation potential.

The concepts cover the analysis of social environment, cultural features and values, as well as regional identity, and civic activity. From the aspect of human resources the demographic structure, population trends, employment relations, human capacities, income, minority position-finding studies will follow. Then the determination of infrastructural conditions occurs. The analysis of professional concept ends with the exploration of potential energy. These include public transport, accessibility and conditions of the settlement network conditions, settlement hierarchy, typing of settlement network of internal and external relations, task sharing between settlements, co-operation, all of the organizational and institutional knowledge of the system.