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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Chapter 9. Good examples for launching and managing local product path in Germany

Chapter 9. Good examples for launching and managing local product path in Germany

The principle motives of the German LEADER and RegionenAktiv, as well as the Swiss RegioPlus programmes are in the enlargement of the self-sufficiency capacity of local communities. Thanks to these developmental programmes several example projects have attained excellent quality grade as best practices. This chapter aims at introducing the major implementation environment and conditions of these good examples.

Role of local products in German rural developmental policy

Germans can tell about themselves that they basically were succeeded in taking advantage of the opportunity of the developmental philosophy of the LEADER communal initiation that was set off in 1991, in other words all economic recovery elements of territorial development those were based on the local resources. Those regional partnership forms - which have been created by them- allowed the building up of local product paths in certain LEADER regions.There was no need for anything else „just” a reputed traditional primary commodity, and a processing industrial background which guarantees high quality and may be created or developed from tender fund together with building out sales channels. The rest were depended upon ambitious and conscious local provincialist consumers.

Success of course was strongly depended upon the non-negligible fact that Germany was there at the very beginnings, at the introduction of the LEADER, and thereby Germany had a broad 12 years of advantage compared to other member states which only joined in 2004. As a consequence of this they were able to pick up the implementation culture of the program in a good time.

The LEADER program is heading in the end of its fourth implementation period at the present time (Figure 37) and it is the foundation-stone of every such initiation of member states or other European countries, which served rural territories’ economic development, eventually the formation of local products or rather local product paths.

It could be announced decidedly that before the European appearance of the LEADER, such a local community programme had not existed which would have been confirmed the foot-stones of the commodities supply which was created by better-class local product paths. Developmental approaches of the LEADER have resulted in such a creator atmosphere in the western core of the European Union, which embodied in individual developmental projects which were formed modelled to the program. (RegionenAktiv)

As a matter of course, local product paths not only mean capacities which are required for manufacturing products of protected designation of origin and of high-quality ,but in the same way they contribute to the domestication of large-scale production. Otherwise, the support of local product paths of limited supply is not just the singular objective of rural development.

In the case of local product paths the emphasize is on the „local „ indicator, thus it is about the elements of such a production chain which represents high added valued, which manufactures its final products from territory- specific raw materials those derive from a given geographical area, and are made throughout particular processing methods for a well defined market square. Standardized dairy products those are produced for a regional market for the most part drop out from local product category. Inasmuch as it is about special characteristics cheese produced in small quantities and which is proven to be healthy and of high quality, in that case it fits onto the local product concept.

Figure 37. Phases of the LEADER programme (number of beneficiary action groups) in brackets), (Source: RUSZKAI-ARING 2013)