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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Bioenergy as the most common example for regional product paths

Bioenergy as the most common example for regional product paths

More and more regional manager, together with local initiations have been discovering for themselves the opportunities hidden in bioenergy. This is no wonder at all, since hereby they may immediately allow reaching two major objectives: on the one hand the protection of the environment and the atmosphere, on the other hand the solidification and the multi colourization of rural areas‘ economy, since conversion to locally-produced, sustainable power means the establishing of more workplaces, incomes and local values.

The question that whether it is worth converting to bioenergy or not for settlements, is evidenced by such examples as the city of Mureck in the Steiermark region in Austria. The municipality together with its catchment area has reached a bio-energy supply level of something like 170 perceptual (!)

Therethrought, they prevent the annual amount of 30 million kilogramme carbon-dioxide emission and a tight one million euro( !) remain in the region owing to the application of district heating from firewood and operation of biodiesel plant and thanks to the current production of the biogas-power plant. Something like 30 workplaces have been established in direct interdependence with the current production of Mureck (Austria), in a way that the stabilization of the workplaces of the raw material supplier farmers was not grouped to there workplaces.

The „solerkomplex” initiation of the Bodensee region has also been continuously indicating the benefit of transforming to bio energy: It unravels from the sequential chart, that how the structure of power supply ’costs look like in the region, in Germany and in other countries.

Figure 38. Distribution of the indicated regions’ general costs according to energy sources per vehicle per 100 euro of equivalence.