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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Bioenergy- village in Jühnde, as the prototype of energetic product path

Bioenergy- village in Jühnde, as the prototype of energetic product path

The example of Jühnde has become well-known in renewal energy production both in the circle of stakeholders and consumers. By the help of various financial sources this minor village was able to build up an own district heating system. Throughout novel technological innovation, a bioenergy village that is similar to that of Jühnde is essentially much easier to be implemented.

Figure 39. Biomass fermentation power plant on the confines of Jühnde (source: LandInform)

In the future thereabouts one third of those territories of Germany which is used for arable cultivation, will converted into the production of energy plants, and herewith agriculture will give a significant contribution to the energy economic shift, to the so –called “energy-turn”, which has revolutionary significant, its and The basic condition for this is the high territorial yield, preferably with ecological cultivation methods, as well as, the high utilization effectiveness of energy plants owing to the new technologies. Solution is near to that renewal energy sources would operate with totally decentralised establishment.

Power demand of more thousand of villages would be supplied with biomass, which is definitely economical with the conditions of innutrition refund that was defined by the state.

A pioneer example has been created with the bioenergy project of Jühnden. The projects could have grateful for its implementation to the IZNE (International Centre of Sustainable Development), to the University of Göttingen as well as to the Botanical Institution of the Kassel /Witzenhausen University. Besides this, success is the fruit of the works of such sociologists and psychologists who were succeeded in convincing and inspiring the inhabitant of Jühnde. Last, but not least realization was depended upon the willingness of the local inhabitants, most of all with the establishing of the settlement district .heating network.