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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

New methods, higher achievement

New methods, higher achievement

Meanwhile Jühnde has gained worldwide prominence, what has been demonstrated in more than 60 000 visitors, in several television and press news up to the present day. Moreover in these days such a new technological procedure exists, by the help of which bio energy villages can be made even more effective. In the new procedure the little moisture containing but still not dried deposed biomass (fodder) is segmentalised into two fractions via mechanic dehydration.

At this point an easily soluble, squeezed juice full with organic component and a press material which prevailingly consist form raw thread and lignin are sprung. One of the advantages of this isolation process resides in the excretion of minerals from fuels. These up to 90 percent left with the squeeze juice. In this way such a fuel can be produced which in quality approaches the quality of the tree.

Squeeze juice is utilized in the biogas plan, since it merely contained easily biodegradable biomass, the residence time in the fermenter has reduced to less than 10 days. Therethrough service and energy demanding mixing technique becomes redundant. Current and heat is produced in the power plant from biogas, heat serves the additional drying of the press material , from which „cakes „ are made the production costs of which is far below the price of „wood-cake”. These „cakes” beside communal stokers serves for the firing of the villages.