Ugrás a tartalomhoz

Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Comparison: the old procedure compared to the new one

Comparison: the old procedure compared to the new one

A wide range of innovation opportunities are hidden the Jühnde concept:

  • Prospect bio energy villages have to become self-financier, in other words, they need to manage themselves without public financial contribution. The share portion of subvention sources is just about the 30 per cent of the total investments.

  • There is such a low level of built-up areas in several settlements that the loss of energy and the material costs of the heating system of individual connecting-up would be extremely high. Heating supply is tailored to the circumstances in the new concept.

  • At least 70 percent of the house owners in Jühnde should have given their permission to the connection in order to build up the district heating system.

  • During the period of the old technology in the summer, heat efficiency exceeded the picking-up requisite, but in the winter this turned to the contrary, by the fact that a complementary heating system had to be set up. This has changed to the extent that the new heating equipment which uses ‘plant scones’ produces heating amount tailored to the requisites, without outer biomass requisite.

  • The consumption constraint of heat -that is released during fermentation- hinders the direct utilization of solar energy – operated equipments. According to the new conception, heat gained from solar energy additionally is desirable to have, since heating systems could be operated with low burdening.

  • Since up to the present day corn have seemed to be the most suitable for biogas production, from ecological consideration the danger of monoculture corn plants have threatened us. However, in the new conception the types of the plants are insignificant.

  • The converting efficiency in the form of power or heat -in the course of traditional expenditure of energy crops- reaches maximum a degree of 45-50 percentages. In contrast to this, in the new method efficiency reaches 70 percentages

  • The operating technique of biogas plants has considerably simplified. Thus, there is no need for mixer device, for instance, and the detention time of the biomass in the fermenter has cut down to about 6 units.

Figure 40. Mixture of rye, vetch, poppy, rape,sunflower and corn( own picture)