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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Elbtalaue region fuels up bio-products

The Elbtalaue region fuels up bio-products

The Elbtalaue region has put itself an ambitious goal: they want to be top team in sustainable primary commodities and renewal energy utilization. Such novel priorities for renewal energy economy were set up by them with their two projects, which contamperonaneouly would local economic circulation. At first sight the WEGAS fuelling- station looks like an ordinary filling- station. Of course what derives from the pillar cap number 7 of the filling-station of Jameln, could not be replaced with petroleum derivatives. The brand slogan sounds this way: “WEGAS- WendländerBiogas”, which is turned over in the first biogas filling-station of Germany, on road B247, between Luchow and Dannenberg.

Since June, 2006 more and more motor vehicle upkeepers put emphasis on the plant-based fuelling of agricultural farmers. A failure-free local added value chain stands above the WEGAS product. The project which is directed by the RegionenAktive has made a group of entrepreneur-partners successful. Forty farmers from the Jameln area have delivered raw materials for fuelling production in the form of corn, green rye and clover grass. The Raiffeisen Goods Cooperative – as the investor and operator of three individual plants – have committed itself to regulate biogas manufacturing and distributing of. Raw gas is developed from raw materials in one of the biogas-plants (60 Kw power) , which is condensed to biogas with more than 95 percentages of methane contain, and finally it is sold in the fuelling-station.