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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

The role of the quality policy of the European Union

The role of the quality policy of the European Union

The peculiarity of the European Union’s quality assurance policy is that it defines a strict requirement system referring to the agrarian producers of the member states. It regulates and controls compliance with the environment protection regulations, the animal welfare, or rather the plant protection products, pesticides, or rather the expenditure of veterinary medicinal products in the course of agrarian-product production. Deriving from the standardization system of high level, The agrarian – and food-industrial produces of the European Union have excellent quality, and they have an added value carrying characteristic, and they are well-known worldwide.

The peculiarity of quality assurance policy is the following: its labelling system together with its distribution standards provide consumers with the wide range of information. The regulation system of quality information, however, has been modified many times through the years, a private and state-membership certification system has been developed parallels to standards quality assurance proceeding.

Consequently, improvement of a more efficient communication among farmers, distributor and consumers, has become necessary, together with the improvement of the cohesion of quality assurance policy tools for the sake of an introduction of more comprehensible, and more extensive labelling system. In those way farmers, manufacturers and consumers are given high-standard information about issues concerning agrarian products quality, through the application of the unified labelling expressions.

Figure 43. The triple effect of the quality policy of rural development