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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Az Objects of the agrarian- and rural development quality policy.

Az Objects of the agrarian- and rural development quality policy.

The legalisative decree package, which has been set up by the European Parliament and Council in 2013 unambiguously assigns the agreed objectives of European quality policy. Articles touch upon major priorities, respectively contain the requirement system of the certain quality assurance and certificate of origin proceedings in detail.

Quality standards -first and foremost-were destined to serve the improvement of the profitability of rural economy, by focusing on wide scaled production of agricultural products Regulation has been given an extremely important role in the case of disadvantaged mountain areas and in the majority of traffic- geographically closed territories, where the agricultural sector constitute a significant part in the structure of economy, parallel to which manufacturing costs are high. Statutory provision contributes to the great deal and complement the devices of rural developmental policy, in addition the political system of the market and income supportive system which attentive to the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union get an emphasize.

„Europe 2020” is a political strategy what has been conceived by the European Committee, the essential pillar of what is the realization of the sustainable and comprehensive increase. This ambitious objective expands to the establishing of knowledge and innovation based competitive rural economy, consequently, inducing an agricultural sector of high employment structure that builds upon social and regional cohesion. The major duty of the quality policy of agrarian-product to provide safe devices in the course of certificate of origin procedures, and supports the development of local products which represent added value, and simultaneously protects manufacturers against unfair practices.

Formation of a regulation system which refers to the labelling of agrarian products and foodstuffs have to be mentioned by all means, such as a device of quality assurance. Labelling take the general regulation defined by the European Committee in 20, March, 2000 as a basis concerning products launching to market or concerning marketing and advertising activities or rather takes aim at avoiding deceptive and misleading labelling proceedings.

In summary it can be said that the European Committee, the European Parliament and Council and the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of Regions mark the more comprehensive cohesion of agricultural products and foodstuffs , the application of coherent standard system and the constant high level quality assurance of produces as an integrated objective. ( EU decree 1151/2012. (XI. 21.))