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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Product description, application for registration

Product description, application for registration

The European Committee apply further supplements in the case of PDO, PGI and TSG standardization certificates for the sake of the more efficient application of the standardization system. Connecting to the product description the name we want to register must be accordance with appropriate language form or parlance. Product description contains the major physical, chemical, microbiological or sensational feature of a given product, which refers to the quality. The description of production proceedings details the attributes of the raw material necessary for production processes, or rather the properties of components and those natural feature and the detailed product manufacturing method also has to be marked. Besides, it is important to mention those conditions which count to key criterion, with which the product is worth qualifying mark.

The application for registration involves the names and addresses of product manufacturers, additionally the name and peculiarities of the product we want to register. Candidate parties submit a declaration, according to which the quality product or foodstuff -which is considered for a favorable criticism - comply with the regulations defined in the decree package, and proceeding were made according to those ordinances.

(EU decree 1151/2012. (XI. 21.))