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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

About optional reserved nominations

About optional reserved nominations

Optional reserved markings serve promotion of the information of the manufacturer of those produces which represent added values, in the inner market. Member states have worked out own regulation orders for the standardization of the quality of local products, which are not involved in the decree package of the year 2013, but decrees defined by member states are always shall harmonize to the legal framework of the European Union.

Optional reserved nominations must suit the following most important requirements. The nomination has to refer to one or more characteristic traits or to its economical / production peculiarities. It has to be mentioned by all means that the “added-value indication “ distincts the given product by comparing it with productions of the same type, and it means application of European level.

Optional reserved indications, on which the technical product quality is merely indicated as a consequence of marketing-prescriptions and do not serve the information of the consumer about the quality of a given product, they can be excluded from the standardization circle of the optional reserved nomination.

„Mountain product”

The application of this optional reserved indication specify the scale of those productions and foodstuffs which are suitable for human consumption, and which may be registered as „mountain products” The field of application primarily concentrates on the livestocks which are fed from fodder or raw material deriving from mountain areas, as well as on the productions and foodstuffs which were manufactures and worked up at mountain areas.

„Island economy”

The „Island economy” optional reserved nomination will probably have been launched to the framework of the EU quality assurance policy till 4, January, 2014 by the European Committee. A minute will have been submitted to the European Parliament and Council by the Committee of the European Union , which will contain the conditions of entitlement for label. Presumably, it will only touches upon the circle of those products and foodstuffs which are capable for human production and the raw material of which together with the component of which derive from some island environment. It has to be emphasized that it merely shall be referred to those processed product, which were made in island-situated area, but only in the case if the island environment means a basic condition of certain characteristic trait of a final product.

Legal framework restricts the usage of optional reserved nominations, this mean that it has only be applied to the distinction of those produces , which meet to the sustained requirement system (EU decree 1151/2012. (XI. 21.)