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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Belgium Strategy for fresh farmyard products

The Belgium Strategy for fresh farmyard products

In order to increase the added value of local product the Flemish region has evolved a strategy for the wider marketing of regional product and for the sustainably development of rural communities.

The pioneer exemplary project of the LEADER + action group – even in European level- have accomplished in the rural environment belting the city of Brugge. The settlement with its 120 000 people constitute the part of the world heritage; therefore it has become a significant touristic destination. Urbane territories lining the city of Brugge covers even to the shores of Belgium, and involve the network of settlement which own tourist suburbs area, such as the territory of Knokke-Heits and Blankenberge..

Nevertheless the valuable artificial landscape facade of the region is a defining feature, including medieval polder systems and former landowners relations preserving traditions. The amalgamation of history and landscape with local gastronomy and culture means an excellent opportunity for the development of the region, such as a featured touristic resting area. Considering the traditions of Flemish cousin, several farmers have launce ventures for the sake of the propagation of homemade produces or products made with traditional process. (beef, milk, cheeses, ice cream).

The current challenge of the successful project is the mapping of nouveau consumer markets for the sake of the wider range of popularization of local product.

Figure 47. An excellent example of region marketing from a LEADER action group