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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Background of the projects

Background of the projects

The „BrugseOmmenland” local action group (Brugge and its surrounding area LAG) has developed a strategy for the efficient utilization of impacts arriving from surrounding urban areas. This means that, initiators regard visiting tourist as potential target groups. Developments one the one hand, tend to the sensational and genuine introduction of the beauty of the landscape, and on the other hand to the realization of sustainable rural agrarian production. The key of future advancement are hidden- according to the locals - in providing of these two conditions.

By providing an opportunity for local people to preserve traditional rural life styles and at the same time provides the further opportunity for economic development which is based on the critical mass which sustains rural services. Local farmers has role of key importance with regard to this. The Brugge and its environment agricultural production basically define the economic structure of the region. Aims at the sustaining of the economic competitiveness, some farmer wish to succeed as business persons.

Consequently, the previously mentioned farmers would offer local product with added value which satisfy consumers need to a greater extent.

The processing of raw material based on farm management together with direct sale, for instance in farm shops, is a well-tried method of such type of strategies, and investment costs may realize from self-effort and from sources comes from the money found of the Common Agricultural Policy.