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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Direct marketing

Direct marketing

If we examine market activates, the current objective of the network may be highlighted: the increasingly exploring approach of the new market opportunities of new product sale.

Direct connection sustained with consumers provides an excellent opportunity in the issue of more efficient satisfaction of consumers’ requirements (claims), with the wide range of quality and unique products. Freshness is an indispensable condition for quality. Chain stores have to be updated.

Besides the operation of farmer shops, commercial market, as well as fairs and wakes, and other social and communal events create and excellent opportunity as well as ordering through email appears as a potential alternative, or rather the wide range of sales through wholesalers to delicatessens, caterers and for high-quality department stores. Local catering units appear as newer target groups. Currently the major challenge is in what way existing bicycle routes could be affiliated to farmer shop and farmyard gardens, in particular in summer months.

Pascal Brusselse, the local farmer of Klokkehof said the following:”It is proving to be full of difficulties to convince local authorities about the fact that road-signs would help to solute this issue. I myself would personally ensure about the procurement, however, the permission of the authorities must be given to that. “

Another optional possibility is the thought of local map was editing, on which the major and more essential information would have been indicated. It could be said in general that to compensate for the weak quality of a certain product any degree of marketing is not enough, thus quality is the key criterion for the sake of success.

It follows from this that the network guarantees the future manufacturing and distribution of the local product in compliance with quality requirements. Participants get an opportunity for the quality regulation of the product through the new standardization system, providing commodity production of high level.