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Local resources and product path management

Ruszkai Csaba

Eszterházy Károly College Faculty of Natural Sciences

Table of Contents

1. Goal of the subject
Brief review of the topic
2. The underground natural resources
Energy resources
Fossil fuels:
Hungarian coal occurrences
Petroleum and natural gas
The chemical composition of petroleum and natural gas
The formation of petroleum and natural gas
Occurrences in Hungary
Oil shale
Chemical raw materials
Raw materials of ceramic industry
Bonding materials of construction industry, raw materials of artificial building stones.
Constructive and decorative rocks
Earth heat (geothermal energy)
3. Surface and above the surface natural resources
Water, as natural resource
The role of rainfall in water balance
The NATURA 2000
Agricultural soil, as basic and complex resource
Wind power
Solar energy utilization
Solar collector
4. Standardization and significance of social-economic resources
The issue and characterization of social resources
Labour force
Consumptive market
Neighbourhood relationship
Cultural inheritance
Social conditions
Economic resources
Economic factors acting on the economic development
Factors affecting the economic structure
5. The importance of micro and small businesses in rural areas
Characteristics of micro-and small companies.
Main characteristics of SMEs in the European Union and Hungary
Regional distribution of companies
SME competitiveness
6. The appearance of local resources and development strategies
Some thoughts on regional planning
The appearance of local resources, in general principles of regional plans to develop
Relationship of the national designing and the local resources
Relationship of the regional designing and local resources
The county and micro-regional planning relations with local resources
The appearance of local resources in relation with LEADER Programme
Self-check questions
7. The concept of local product, terms of development of the local product chain.
The local (regional) Products
Conditions of the local product chain
The role of tradition in branding
8. The management and marketing of market access
The process of innovation
General criteria for the quest of the product
Figure of product-life by Rogers
The marketing strategy of the product market entry
1. Target market selection, market segmentation
2. Positioning
3. Pricing
4. Marketing Communications
9. Good examples for launching and managing local product path in Germany
Role of local products in German rural developmental policy
Bioenergy as the most common example for regional product paths
Conversion = local economy dynamism
Why is biomass product-path a good region development tool?
Bioenergy- village in Jühnde, as the prototype of energetic product path
New methods, higher achievement
Postliminary opportunities of the project
Comparison: the old procedure compared to the new one
The Elbtalaue region fuels up bio-products
From the region, but for the region.
The second project: the warm air
10. Qualification systems of local products, certificates of origin
Quality assurance in the European Union
Special regulations and guaranteed quality
Agricultural and rural development policy from 2013
The role of the quality policy of the European Union
Az Objects of the agrarian- and rural development quality policy.
Which agrarian-products and foodstuffs are covered by the quality policy of rural development?
Purposes of the standards of the Protected Designation of Origin and the Protected Geographical Indication
The requirement of the standards of the Protected Designation of Origin and the Protected Geographical Indication
Objective of the standard of Traditional Speciality Guaranteed
Conditions of the standard of the Traditional Speciality Guaranteed products
Product description, application for registration
Names, symbols, designations
About optional reserved nominations
Monitoring and market inspection
The role of local products in the LEADER+ progamme
The Belgium Strategy for fresh farmyard products
Background of the projects
Market orientation determination
Direct marketing
Operation of the group
Test questions
11. Bibliography