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Practicals in Pharmaceutical Technology - Prescription Pharmacy

Miklos Vecsernyes (2011)

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology Medical and Science Center University of Debrecen

Pharmaceutical Latin8Latin declension 8Numerals 10Examples of the use of declinable numerals 11Ordinal numbers 12The use of prepositions 12Reading of per cent (%) 13Pharmaceutical prescriptions 13Selection and use of weighing and pharmacy balances 21Technical books of pharmacy 25Dose calculation of oral liquid preparations 32Example for interpolation 33‘Papaverine’ solution (magistral prescription) 36Liquid preparations for oral use (Preparationes liquidate peroraliae) 37Solutions (Solutiones) 38Solutio ad salivam /FoNo VII./ 43Solutio Castellani sine fuchsino /FoNo VII./ 44Solutio contra rhagades mamillae /FoNo VII./ 45Solutio metronidazoli /FoNo VII./ 45Solutio nephrolytica /FoNo VII./ 46Solutio noraminophenazoni pro parvulo /FoNoVII./ 47Solutio pepsini /FoNo VII./ 47Solutio theophyllini /FoNo VII./ 48Spiritus iodosalicylatus /FoNo VII./ 48Glycerinum boraxatum /FoNo VII./ 49Syrups (Sirupos)50Sirupus zinci /FoNo VII./51Elixirs (Elixiria).522Tinctures (Tincturae) 52Aromatic waters, concentrated aromatic waters (Diluenda). 52Diluendum menthae /FoNo VII./ 53Solubilization 54Gargles (Gargarismae)57Gargarisma antiseptica /FoNo VII./. 58Gargarisma chlorogeni /FoNo VII./ 58Drops for oral administration (Guttae) 59Dose calculation of oral drops 60Gutta aethylmorphini /FoNo VII./ 60Gutta expectorans composita /FoNo VII./ 62Ear drops (Otoguttae, Auristillae) 62Otogutta borica /FoNo VII./. 63Otogutta hydrogencarbonici /FoNo VII./. 64Nasal drops (Nasoguttae)65Nasogutta zinci cum ephedrino /FoNo VI./. 67Nasogutta ephedrini 1% /FoNo VII./ 67Nasogutta ephedrini pro infante /FoNo VII./. 68Decoctions and infusions (Decocta et Infusa).Infusum ipecacuanhae pro parvulo /FoNo VII./Enemas (Klysmae)686970Klysma chlorali pro infante /FoNo VII./Mixtures (Mixturae)7273Mixtura pectoralis /FoNo VII./73Suspensions ( Suspensiones )74Suspensio anaesthetica /FoNo VII./ 77Suspensio bismogeli /FoNo VII./. 78Suspensio nystatini /FoNo VII./. 79Suspensio siccans /FoNo VII./ 80Suspensio terpini /FoNo VII./ 81Emulsions (Emulsiones) .823Emulsio olei ricini /FoNo VII./. 85Emulsio paraffini cum phenolphthaleino /FoNo VII./ 86Liniments (Linimenta) 87Linimentum ad pernionem /FoNo VII./ . 87Linimentum scabicidum /FoNo VII./. 88Rectal preparations (Rectalia) 89Suppositories (Suppositoria). 89Suppositorium ad nodum /FoNo VII./ 105Suppositorium analgeticum forte /FoNo VII./ 106Suppositorium antispastica pro parvulo /FoNo VI./ 107Suppositorium antipyreticum pro parvulo /FoNo VII./ 108Suppositorium laxans /FoNo VII./. 109Suppositorium noraminophenazoni 100 mg /FoNo VII./ 110Suppositorium noraminophenazoni 200 mg /FoNo VII./ 111Suppositorium noraminophenazoni 500 mg /FoNo VII./ 112Suppositorium papaverini pro parvulo /FoNo VII./. 113Suppositorium spasmolyticum /FoNo VII./ 114Vaginal preparations (Vaginalia)115Globulus metronidazoli compositus /FoNo VII./ 116Globulus zinci sulfurici (magistral preparation). 117Ovulum nystatini /FoNo VII./ 118Semi-solid preparations for cutaneous application. 119Ointments (Unguenta) 120Unguentum ad vulnera /FoNo VII./. 132Unguentum anaestheticum /FoNo VII./. 1334Unguentum antirheumaticum /FoNo VII./ 134Unguentum antisepticum /FoNo VII./ 135Unguentum boraxatum cum aqua calcis /FoNo VII./. 135Unguentum carbamidi /FoNo VII./. 136Unguentum contra dolorem /FoNo VI./ 137Unguentum contra rhagades mamillae /FoNo VII./. 137Unguentum contra rheumam /FoNo VII./. 138Unguentum dermophylicum /FoNo VII./ 139Unguentum haemorrhoidale /FoNo VII./. 140Unguentum ichthyolsalicylatum /FoNo VII./. 141Unguentum infantum /FoNo VII./... 141Unguentum nasale /FoNo VII./. 142Unguentum neonatorum /FoNo VII./. 143Unguentum nutritivum /FoNo VII./. 144Unguentum nystatini /FoNo VII./ 145Unguentum refrigerans /FoNo VII./.. 146Unguentum salicylatum 1% /FoNo VII./ 147Unguentum salicylatum 3% /FoNo VII./ .147Unguentum salicylatum 5% /FoNo VII./ 148Unguentum salicylatum 10% /FoNo VII./. 148Official pastes in the Hungarian Pharmacopoeia 149Pasta zinci oxydati /Ph.Hg.VII./ . 149Pasta zinci oxydati oleosa /Ph.Hg.VII./. 149Pasta zinci oxydati salicylata /Ph.Hg.VII./. 1505Official pastes in the Hungarian standardized prescriptions (FoNo VII.) 151Pasta antirheumatica /FoNo VII./ 151Pasta contra solarem /FoNo VII./ 152Pasta Boraxata /FoNo VII./.. 152Pasta Burowi /FoNo VII./ 153Creams (Cremores).154Cremor aquosus /FoNo VII./.. 155Cremor erythromycini /FoNo VII./ 156Cremor refrigerans /FoNo VII./. 156Hand cream. 157Oily face and body cream for night. 158Gels159Unguentum silicoparaffini /FoNo VI./ 159Unguentum antirheumaticum /FoNo VI./ 160Diclofenac gel (BASF Generic Drug Formulation) 161Powders (Pulveres) 162Oral powders (Pulveres perorales).. 163Undivided powders 170Pulvis aluminii et magnesii /FoNo VII./ 170Pulvis antacidus /FoNo VII./. 170Pulvis Caroli /FoNo VII./. 171Divided powders172Pulvis antidoloricus /FoNo VII./. 172Pulvis asthmalyticus fortis (modified prescription). 173Pulvis combinatus /FoNo VII./. 1746Pulvis paracetamoli cum codeino /FoNo VII./ 175Pulvis spasmalgeticus /FoNo VII./. 176Talc powders (Dusting powders, Sparsoria)177Sparsorium antisudoricum /FoNo VII./ 178Sparsorium contra pruritum /FoNo VII./ 179Sparsorium infantum /FoNo VII./ 180Dehydration – Oral rehydration treatment..181Sal ad rehydrationem /FoNo VII./. 182Sal ad rehydrationem pro parvulo /FoNo VII./ 183Incompatibilities.184Prescription 1 184Prescription 2. 185Prescription 3. 186Prescription 4. 187Prescription 5 188Prescription 6. 189Materials knowledge.. 190Calculations 252Alligation. 252Exercises for concentration calculations. 257Appendices258Latin abbreviations commonly used in prescriptionsand in the course of pharmacy work. 258Frequent synonyms of pharmaceutical substances 263Bibliography274

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Practicals in Pharmaceutical Technology - Prescription Pharmacy
Miklos Vecsernyes
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology Medical and Science Center University of Debrecen
2011, Debrecen
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