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Special characters and whitespaces

Special characters and whitespaces

The XAML follows the XML rule system. So small and capital letter- sensitive, which should particularly pay attention to objects, properties and attributes specification.

Depending on the currently used converter is not always true for the values. The Boolean converter completely waived from this convention. The XAML parser ignores the irrelevant whitespace, normalizes the importants.


The following complex symbols (four characters) are necessary to open  <!— , and these are need to be closed --> the explanations. There is only one restriction for the explanatory test: it must not contain two consecutive hyphens characters except there are spaces between them.

Character entities

Of course, as in the case of XML, the <>;’& symbols define structure definitions. If these signs in our documents will not be used as structure descriptive, the following entities correspond to the special characters.

        Speciális karakter        Karakter entitás

        Less than (<)        &lt;

        Greater than (>)        &gt;

        And (&)        &amp;

        Quotation marks (")        &quot;

If you want to create a button with Margin&Padding subtitles, it can be done in the following way


    <Button Content="Margin &amp; Padding"/>