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.NET Programming Technologies

Gergely Kovásznai, Csaba Biró

Eszterházy Károly College

19. fejezet - Epilogue

19. fejezet - Epilogue

In this lecture note, we lost ourselves in several useful topics, to which a programmer might often face during his/her every day work. First, we got to know the most important and fundamental solutions applied in WPF (and also in other technologies), such as, for instance, triggers, data binding, styles/templates, etc. In order to fulfill the GUI requirements and to make designers satisfied, we looked into creating animations as well. Of course, there are so many other topics even in WPF, e.g., data views, handling media, 3D support, etc.; literature listed in the References might help to elaborate on those topics, and so do the numerous tutorials and forums on the internet. This holds even better for Silverlight, as a technology that is becoming more and more dominantly supported by Microsoft; consider platforms such as Windows Phone or Windows 8! With respect to the latter one, there are, of course, many new directions, one can even develop Windows Store applications as well; however, one can do this even on XAML and C# base.

Among these topics, LINQ seems a little bit as an outsider, since it is much less scenic, for instance, to join two data collections than to rotate a button; nevertheless, such data collections (usually being SQL databases) and ORM tools on the top are together the foundation for modern and robust applications. We particularly recommend the listed literature in these topics, and to get to know other ORM tools as well (some of them were even mentioned).

We wish success in further investigations and professional development!