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Renáta Németh, Dávid Simon


Characteristics of b

Characteristics of b

  • asymmetric associational index

  • whether it’s positive or negative shows the direction of the relationship

  • its value also depends on the unit of measurement used for the variables

  • if the variables are independent, it’s value is 0

The extent of the fit is r2 (determinational coefficient)

Apart from estimating the regressional coefficients, it’s also important to decide to what extent the line fits the data. One characteristic of this is square error of the estimate:

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A more widespread index is the determinational coefficient, which is the characteristic index of the error-diminishing effect of the estimate:

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Characteristics of r2

  • its value is between 0 and 1

  • it shows how large part of the variance of the dependent variable was explained by its relationship with the independent variable