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Electric Vehicles

Gyuláné Vincze, Gergely György Balázs

Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Electric Power Engineering

Chapter 3.  Types of traction, location and types of traction motors

Chapter 3.  Types of traction, location and types of traction motors

Electric vehicles with internal and external traction motors and linear motors

In a vehicle with internal traction motor one or more electric traction motors are placed “on-board” with all auxiliary mechanical elements (mechanical drive, gear, shock-absorber). Motor increases the mass of the vehicle. Most of the vehicles are equipped with internal and rotating motors.

In a vehicle with external traction motor the traction motor is placed into an engine room outside the vehicle body, its mass does not loads the vehicle body. Instead, engine room, traction mechanics, tow rope and suitable track is needed for the traction of the vehicle.

Traction motor of l ine ar motor vehicles is placed partly on the vehicle and partly on the track. In this construction, mass of motor inside the vehicle can be much lower than in vehicles with internal motor. Contrary, trail needed for linear motor drive is more complicated and expensive than trail of traditional vehicles. Linear motor drive is usually used in levitated vehicles. Motive force arises between the two parts of the linear motor without mechanical connection.